Top 20 tourist destinations in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a popular tourist destination in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. And travelers worldwide favorite, wants to at least once in their lifetime.

Halong Bay was repeatedly recognized as a Unesco natural heritage of the world with thousands of islands was made by the creators magnificent and vivid. Halong bay with stunning scenery, this place is a very attractive tourist destination for domestic travelers and international.

Halong Bay is a unique heritage by these sites contain traces important in the formation and development of earth’s history, is the birthplace and residence of Vietnamese shares, while the artworks great shape of nature with the presence of thousands of rocky islands is diverse, with many interesting caves clustered into a vibrant world has just magical. Besides, Halong Bay is home to high biodiversity with typical eco-systems along with thousands of plant and animal species are abundant and diverse. It is also associated with cultural values – the heroic history of the nation. Halong Bay is always a tour in the country is Vietnam’s favorite

Halong Bay features a stone island system and beautiful caves. Island in Halong two forms are limestone islands and schist islands, concentrated in two regions is the southeast region Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern part of Ha Long Bay. This is an image of the most ancient terrain tectonic age of 250-280 million years, as a result of the advocacy process raised, lowered several times from the sunken continent into the sea. The process of karst erosion, weathering almost completely Halong create a unique world.

Hundreds of stone islands, each island carries a different shape very lively: than any human, Hon Rong, Hon La Vong, Hon sail, Hon Trong Mai, Hon Lu Huong … Hidden in the rocky islands that beautiful caves associated with many miraculous legends such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Trinh Nu, Tam Cung … It really is the castle of the Creator among earth place. From time immemorial, Ha Long has been great poet Nguyen Trai ethnic dubbed the “Wonders of the land between the high heavens.”

Even where you are on this earth, is white or black, regardless of nationality, language, age … you arrived here also have the same feelings, the vibrations of the heart before a period view of rock and water, and when to break up Halong sure will leave an unforgettable impression … story ancient myths about dragons mother and herd dragon gushed European release pearl create thousands of islands separated by step enemy, today stood create a priceless legacy to mankind.

You had the opportunity to tour Ha Long – a unique heritage in the world to admire and discover the secrets still hidden this place? Here are the top 20 tourist destinations in Halong Bay

  1. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long bay with hundreds of islands karst limestone and schist sa

Bai Tu Long Bay is one of Vietnam, located in the Gulf of Tonkin in the northeast of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay covers a sea area of Ha Long City, Cam Pha town and Van Don island district. Southwest of Ha Long Bay, east by sea, land to the west of Cam Pha town and northeast borders Co island district. Bai Tu Long Bay consists of hundreds of small and large islands and many of which are large islands and inhabitants.

According to statistics Bai Tu Long bay with hundreds of islands karst limestone and laid schist with many landmarks such as Bai Tho Mountain, Hon Con Coc, Hon Tien Ong and Hon Turtle, Dam Oan Hon The Devils, Hon Stork, Thien Canh Son, Tam Cung Cave Maze …. That islet island system high – low islands bobbing on the water with hundreds of kilometers of beaches create the spectacular scenery but no less romantic. With terrain that the Bai Tu Long Bay has many beautiful beaches like Bai Stork, Beach Van Don, Bai Quan Lan Beach Pearl, Marine Co … All the beaches mentioned above are retained appearance unspoiled and pristine definition of the Creator.

  1. Titop Island – Halong Bay

Titop Island

At the foot of the island is a moon-shaped beach embracing foot island, sandy beaches small but very airy and quiet, clean water and four seasons in green.

Titop Island in Ha Long Bay, in the city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh province, from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf around 7-8 km to the southeast. Ti Top Island with sand crescent shaped rim. Here four seasons sand was washed white tide. At the end of the 19th century, the island called Cat Nang. Dated 22.11.1962, President Ho Chi Minh and the astronaut Soviet Man Giec Ti Top island to visit. To mark the anniversary trip, Uncle Ho named the island as Ti Top Island. Is the island with steep slopes, an inclined shore with a white sandy beach, flat beneath.

  1. Hang Sung Sot – Halong Bay

Hang Sung Sot

Second compartment of vast Sung Sot Cave can accommodate thousands of people. Go into the landscape also very strange things, like the tree foliage lush, sea bear, dinosaur.

Sung Sot Cave Halong is located in the central area of the World Heritage Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave in Bo Hon Island. This is a large cave and the most beautiful of the bay and this is also where many stone islands have excellent shape get nowhere. Sung Sot Cave Road to slip under the foliage, the craggy stone steps transplants, tourists just get the pleasure of climbing, both so excited to be heading skyward.

  1. Thien Cung – Halong Bay

Thien Cung

Thien Cung located near Dau Go cave at a height of 25m. this is a most beautiful caves in Ha Long that people know about. Thien Cung covers approximately 10,000m2 structure is complex, multi-level and multi-compartment with a very high ceiling and shore walls, wide. Especially in the Thien Cung Grotto, where we also see where countless stalactites blocks, stalagmites with strange shapes. So they envisioned a myth about the love and the parting of the Dragon announced, Dragon mother took place on the cliff or think that this is the image of the labyrinth of the Emperor of Persia in the story Thousand one nights.

  1. Hon Trong Mai – Halong Bay

Hon Trong Mai is a symbol of tourism in Vietnam, located in the southwestern part of Ha Long Bay, from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf 5 km, near Dinh Huong island. Amidst a vast waters, two chickens one male and one females appear arrogant face. At dawn on the far from brilliant light red dyed chicken giant pair together on the vast waves. From the water, the height to more than ten meters each. Huge body standing on back legs pounding, so only a few seemed protruding waves slapped, both heavy stone blocks that can be collapsed down anytime. But no, millions of years have passed, two chickens remain faithful stood. It seems the attraction is multiplied in such unbalanced feet. There have been many works of photography, painting, poetry … about two chickens. Our image has become a symbol of Ha Long tourism and Tourism of Vietnam.

Hon Trong Mai

“There are people who love each other dearly

Engraving his name on Trong Mai

Yet they have forgotten letters blur together

Situation still thousand years of stone along the long white … “

  1. Hang Luon deals

Hang Luon deals

Luon cave on the island of Bo Hon, from Bai Chay 14 kilometers south. Front Hon Turtle cave, right is the Sun Gate. It escarpment, four seasons calm blue water like a mirror. Waterfront, a gate opens bow at the foot of the island, which the grotto.

  1. Tuan Chau Island – Halong

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau tourism area from the center of Ha Long City 2km. Tuan Chau tourism area covers an area of 220ha, is constructed by rolling hills. A concrete road covering about 2km long island connected to the mainland. Tuan Chau Island has many work items have been built. From outside the gate goes to turn visitors will pass through a hilly area with villas have infrastructure of international standards. Continue on in the neighborhood cuisine with five restaurants and the round is designed in royal architecture is very beautiful at the same time be able to serve more than 1,000 customers with dishes of European, Asian and ethnic groups by the chef famous domestic and foreign made. The waitress carries the traditional costumes of Vietnam. At the center of the hotel’s club overwhelmed by performing dolphins, seals.

  1. Hang Dau Go – Halong Bay

Hang Dau Go

Dau Go cave is about 5000m2, situated at an altitude of 27m compared with the same age sea level forming Thien Cung. Dau: Between non clouds beautiful Halong Bay, a cave named after a rustic folk: Dau. Cave on the island of Dau. Looking back from a distance, the store has a blue jellyfish shape, through our 90 built stone steps to the entrance. Vom cave about 25 meters high, from above that hundreds of giant stalactites hanging down like a bizarre cascade.

  1. Hang Thien Canh Son

Hang Thien Canh Son

Thien Canh Son cave is a pretty pristine caves located on Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay conservation area of that port. An interesting attractions for tourists in Vietnam and abroad thanks to its natural beauty, the pristine limestone stalactites and beautiful surrounding landscape.

  1. Bai Tu Long National Park

Bai Tu Long National Park is located in the Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, nearly 200km away from Hanoi to the east.

Bai Tu Long National Park

Bai Tu Long National Park including marine ecosystems with 2/3 marine area national park area and is maintained many genes form of rare plant and animal species on the Red List are recorded.

  1. Ngoc Vung Island and beaches – Halong Bay

Ngoc Vung Island

Ngoc Vung Island and beaches: The cruise ship port 34km, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province. Around the island there are many beautiful beaches, there is Van Xuan high mountain 182m, with archaeological culture of 45,000 m2 wide Halong. Island land, measuring 12 km2, Ngoc Vung island inhabited, with ancient harbor of system Cong Yen Van Don trading port from the eleventh century, the ancient relics have the Mac and the Nguyen. Beautiful island located between two small rocky islands is Hon Net and Phoenix Island Van Don district. Looking down on the beautiful island of Jade as a velvet shawl, there are many bright spots of white sugar as floating floating on water. East of the island with sandy beaches extend for kilometers, pure white sand that stretches out into the terminal. From outcrops Dragon Eye can encompass both sesame Co To Island. Center island si Jade has a luxuriant tree, under the tree this si 1962

  1. Ba Trai Dao beach – Halong Bay

Ba Trai Dao beach

Three Peach Beach Bathing is one of the famous beaches on Ha Long Bay, Ba Trai Dao beach, close to Bai Chay Wharf about 22km southeast, near the island of Cat Ba. This is a beautiful beaches, unspoiled natural landscapes, charming. The reason the beach named Ba Trai Dao is because there are three sandy beaches with fine white bow, embracing the peach-shaped mountain …

  1. The Golden Bay

The Golden Bay

The Golden Rules: The Golden located on the south island Beams, with peaks 187m. Hon frugally front, behind the Soi Sim Island. Long-100m in width from 5 – 10m stretches from north to south. A small paths higher upward, where four seasons murmuring water, stalactites are formed from soft and peeled white ceiling hangs down action. And behold, the compartment in all, battleground stakes Bach appeared, more than 30 poles ironwood of Tran Hung Dao used to plug into the Bach Dang River to exist here, the stringy ironwood chapped brown gray seemed about to fallen, but in fact they are extremely solid. Those are the stalagmites there, they are distributed everywhere, scattered dense but there are obvious ways, they polished and as high as 30 – 40 cm, looks like real wood pile beach.

  1. Hang Hang Drum And Virgin Bay

Hang Hang Drum And Virgin Bay

Hang Trong and Hang Virgin not only have a lot of stalactites and beauty, but also attracts tourists because of a very moving area. In a cave with a rock landscape looked like a girl lying hair fell about reaching out to sea so-called Cave of the Virgin. The other cave stalactites have a very high column looks like a giant boy stood looking out to sea away.

Virgin Hang – Hang Drum is two names have become very familiar with the domestic and foreign tourists when choosing a destination Halong. Not only attracted by wonderful beauty that the Creator has endowed two caves, that story about two cave legend also curious, interested to know how many people.

  1. Zone heritage Yen Tu


The area of Yen Tu is a complex of temples, shrines, towers, statues, ancient trees and natural landscape scattered from Red Vertical gradually slopes to the summit. Yen Tu relic is located near the 18A, Yen Thuong Commune, Uong Bi town, Quang Ninh Province.

Scenic Yen Tu is the cradle of Truc Lam Zen sect from the end of the 13th century Located in the rolling mountains bow of the Northeast, mountain Dong Yen Tu pagoda in altitude 1.068m compared to sea level. From time immemorial, Yen Tu mountain forest was famous for spectacular and get listed on Vietnamese soil paint.

  1. Hon Con Coc – Ha Long Bay

Hon Con Coc - Ha Long Bay

Hon toad is one of the islands on Ha Long Bay, is such as beautiful works that the Creator has given to nature and the people here, contributing to embellish the beauty lyrical and high value deep humanity that Halong are

  1. Bai Tho Mountain – Halong Bay

Bai Tho Mountain

Halong Bai Tho Mountain in the center of Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. This is a valuable relic cultural and historical importance. It also kept many poems carved in stone of some kings perambulator, inspired by the beauty of Halong Bay elves did poetry. A 106 m high limestone mountain located in the center of Ha Long city, right next to Halong Bay, visionary like a giant castle with three towers bobbing on the fortified city walls. That is the Bai Tho Mountain. Formerly also called mountain mountain Transmission. Before the mountain called Mount Transmission (Spot lamp). The mountain did emotion which the poet soul.

  1. Vung Vieng fishing village – Halong

Vung Vieng fishing village

Vung Vieng fishing village of Bai Tu Long Bay is turn east – North of Vietnam close to the coal mines Cua Ong – Hon Gai – Cam Pha and Van Don trading port ancient, going back up again is Mongcai yards Tra Co beach. Vung Vieng fishing village about 25km from the land wheels. It is inhabited by thousands of fishermen busy all year round with a living but still fun, incredible warmth. Especially when you come here, tourists often get to experience and explore the lives of the fishermen here and that is one of the features that make the Vung Vieng fishing village has always been one of the interesting discoveries of tourists who come to visit Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay.

  1. Bathing Beach Pearl

Bathing Beach Pearl

Minh Chau beach is a beautiful private beach famous beach is just about 15 km Quan Lan. Enjoyed long beach, with fine white sand here, clear blue water, do not stick pins and described “White as snow, velvety”.

  1. Park Recreation Sun World Halong Park

Park Recreation Sun World Halong Park

It can be said is a complex of entertainment the most extensive in Halong across 214ha area recently went into operation. Populations Halong Park is a combination amusement park brings world class consists of 2 main areas: Complex recreation coastal and combination play atop Ba Pass – are connected together by a cable car system unique. Come to Ha Long Park visitors will experience with 5 points is the Dragon Zone Parks, Parks Tornado Zone, Three Gorge recreation center, Sun World and Area Beaches Food & Shopping.

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