The most attractive Halong bay cave

If you travel Halong bay 1 times then surely you have seen the beauty of Halong bay beautiful hindsight. Famous for beautiful and unique Halong bay cave increasingly being selected as the favorite tourist attractions itinerary ideal for exploring, sightseeing and convalescence, and bathing. Each cave in Halong bay carries a suggested name for the curious travelers to discover the mysterious beauty, sparkling gaze and captivate all.

Halong bay cave system

Sung Sot Cave

Located in the tourist center of Halong bay, in the island of Hon Bo, Sung Sot cave is the largest and most beautiful Halong many stone islands concentrate has excellent shape get nowhere. Sung Sot Cave Road to slip under the foliage, the craggy stone steps transplants, tourists just get the pleasure of climbing, both so excited to be heading skyward.


Sung Sot Cave Halong

Trinh Nu Cave

Why is it called the Trinh Nu cave. The name associated with the legends and history. The first impression when we entered the cave of every traveler is the image of statues made of stone on a girl, lying loose long hair, eyes facing the sea, the eyes evokes a sadness like in waiting for something but despair.


Trinh Nu Cave

Dau Go Cave

Measuring approximately 5000m2, Dau Go cave situated at an altitude of 27 meters over sea level, is the cave concentrate the architectural ensemble of ancient exudes ancient beauty, wild, mystery with many columns stone, pillars, stalagmites, petite, tall as the sky wants to reach.


Dau Go cave

Trong Cave (also known as cave son): Situated opposite the Trinh Nu cave, Trong cave statue petrified son face turned toward the Trinh Nu cave.

According to ancient legend tells that: In the past, there is a fishing village girl is very beautiful, but poor home, her family had hired hostname governing fishing zone. See her beautiful, her family forced him to marry her baby for his wife. But she refused because she had a lover and her lover are making money off the land to prepare for their wedding day. Before hearts undying, landlords did not name what she should have been banished her to force her to an isolated island that took him subdued, her starving and exhausted people. In a rainy night she was petrified horror here. And there is also the night the boy know that she had an accident, he absorbed boat to look for her, to night thunderstorm strikes, boat guy shattered, he washed up on a desert island, in the flash of him overlooks the far side, he recognized her, but the words he referred to were the wind carried away. He used a stone dam on the cliff as she knew him tell arrived. He knocked until blood flowed profusely on his hand, until he was exhausted and petrified in this Trong cave.


Trong cave

Here visitors will be avidly listening to the legend about this cave and many other legends. So that the local people in Halong see Trinh Nu cave is a symbol of love, a place for the couple vowed love. And today, whenever ships over here, if attentive visitors will hear the cries of the boy bitterly Where gold strike.

Luon Cave

Located on Bo Hon Island, 14 km from Bai Chay south, Luon cave possesses four seasons in the green beauty with steep cliffs, caves forward with the island Turtle, right is the Sun Gate.


Luon cave Halong

Thien Cung Cave

As the most beautiful caves in the Halong bay cave system, located in the southwest of the bay, Thien Cung cave has stunning scenery, lively from outside to inside. Uplink dynamic crags, both sides greenery um covered way, as in the more I was amazed at the beauty vivid and true splendor of, right now, when things out front we see all the beauty of Thien Cung  – Halong.


Thien Cung on Halong bay

Kim Quy Cave

Located on the south island Beams, with peaks 187m, ahead Hon Dam North, behind the island of Soi Rim. Dynamic 100m long and has a small path leads up high above, where four seasons with murmuring water, stalactites are formed from membrane ceiling hangs down like a beautiful curtain.


Kim Quy cave

Me Cung Cave

The Ti Top beach 2 km to the southwest, located on the island Me Cung cave dynamic concave Cows in altitude compared to sea 25m. Upon entering the cave, the visitors almost walked into the palace of the emperor of Persia and the murmur Where to make guests seemed it was her voice Seheharat are told the story a thousand and one nights its monarch.


Me Cung cave

And there are so many other caves on Halong bay so visitors can explore the tourist programs Halong. Please choose Halong tour to begin the journey to explore the mysterious paradise, gorgeous colors diversity of the massive Halong bay cave system.

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